Special Announcement
Hello everybody, I would like to inform all of you that we have a new artist in the Pen Tablet Incorporated.
His name is Robert Brown. He is from Altamonte Springs, Florida, US. Having been an active illustrator for a while he spend the majority of his exploration in constructing partial narratives in 3D/2D Illustration. Having done work for the game industry in the past he now teaches Character Design and 3D Modeling at Full Sail University, as well as freelance Character work for various remote contractors. Art has always been a combination of study exploration and play for me. He would say that his reasons for focusing on character design or one particular reason would be the fact that it has allowed him to constantly reinvent various aspects of his own persona while creating strings of fantasy narrative with which to house these manifestations.

I would like to welcome our new friend and invite all our followers and artists to visit his website.
Please visit: http://www.robertakbrown.com/

Thank you all for visiting Pen Tablet Incorporated,
Paulo Barbosa 

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