Special Announcement
Hello everybody, I would like to inform all of you that we have a new artist in the Pen Tablet Incorporated.
His name is Patri Balanovsky. He is from Ramat Gan, Israel.
He was envolved in Projects as: Everyone`s Hero, Starpoint Academy, Happily N`ever After, Sheepish., Books: Expose5, Expose6, Expose 8, Exotique 6, Digital Painting 2, Matte Painting 2, ArtSquared digital painters, Eye Candy From Strangers 2.0, BotoBit 1.0, , CFSL INK: Shuffle 4-"ROBOTS"
He is currently a Freelancer, and an accomplished and versatile Character Designer, Concept Artist, and Illustrator. He is amazing artist and able to create unique illustrations.

I would like to welcome our new friend and invite all our followers and artists to visit his website.
Please visit: http://www.artofpatri.com/

Thank you all for visiting Pen Tablet Incorporated,
Paulo Barbosa 


André Silva said...

Great art!!!! Especially the cartoons.. so beautiful!!!

andré silva said...

The animations (gifs) are so great!!!:)