Special Announcement
Hello everybody, I would like to inform all of you that we have a new artist in the Pen Tablet Incorporated. His name is Felipe Torres. He studied Graphic Design and majored in Visual Arts at Universidad Iberoamericana (Tijuana BC Mexico). Graduated in 2003 and since then has been working as a full-time designer/illustrator/3D modeler for different companies in Mexico and the US. His passion has always been illustration, comic books and graphic novels. Most recently he had the pleasure of working with an independent publisher called Sadhaka Studio (http://www.sadhakastudio.com/) with which he has been working in some comic book covers. Also been working on a project dubbed Nerdmigos (http://www.nerdmigos.blogspot.com) in which he has been collaborating with a couple of  friends.
Style-wise he is very influenced by Masters like Fra.zetta, Norman Rockwell, Alex Ross, J. Scott Campbell, Joe Madureira, Jack Kirby, Bruce Timm, Adam Hughes, Frank Miller, Brandon Ragnar,  and most importantly his personal friends who are also illustrators: Carlos Lerma, Ben Camberos, Roberto Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Arenas, Ismael A. Moreno Ozuna & Alejandrina Dei.
I would like to welcome our new friend and invite all our followers and artists to visit his website.

Thank you all for visiting Pen Tablet Incorporated,
Paulo Barbosa

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