Special Announcement
Hello everybody, I would like to inform all of you that we have a new artist in the Pen Tablet Incorporated.
His name is Nuno Princípe Palhas. Also known as Third has revealed since childhood a true passion for sketching and during his school years has always pursued an artistic formation. In the early 90's he discovers Hip hop culture and turns into a devoted head as a B-boy (brake Dance) and a Writer (Graffiti), from experience earned at the city's murals in 1998 Third does his first commercial works for privates and multinationals. Resulting from his technical improvements he is invited to give workshops and interviews representing the movement and dignifying Graffiti's image. Nuno participates in some contests and gets a 2nd place at the XI Festival Hip-Hop Oeiras/Concurso Graffiti in 2004 and the 1st place at the festival Hip Hop Stop Pobreza 2008. His style that ranges from tri-dimensional structures to realism and more recently graphic design and illustration has as supports: internal and external murals, canvas, clothing, posters and flyers. The artist chases constant evolution.
I would like to welcome our new friend and invite all our followers and artists to visit his website.
Please visit: www.third-line.net

Thank you all for visiting Pen Tablet Incorporated,
Paulo Barbosa

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