Special Announcement

Hello everybody! Here I´m once again to inform all of you that
3 new artists
have joined our blog.
They are: Miroslav Slipcevic, Eunmi Ha and Hugo Teixeira.

Miroslav Slipcevic also knowed as Mimi Cortazar it´s a comic artist with a unique style and very talented.
You and you can check out his work in: http://www.mimicortazar.blogspot.com/

Eunmi Ha is a art student and she has great potential and here personal work is very inspiring.
You can check out here work in:

Hugo Teixeira it´s a very special artist and has raw talent.
You can check out his work in: http://htx-manga.blogspot.com/

I would like to welcome our new friends and invite all our followers and artists to visit there blogs. Welcome and thank you all for joining our blog.

Thank you all again for visiting our blog,
Paulo Barbosa

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Ireforge Art said...

Awesome art! Welcome to the crew!