Special Announcement

Hello everybody! Here I´m once again to inform all of you that two new artists have joined our blog. They are: Shane Tyree and Ching-Ching Cheng.

Shane Tyree is a gifted artist that uses his creativity to push the boundaries of imagination to a new level. You and you can check out his work in: http://www.ireforge.blogspot.com/ and http://urielx1x.deviantart.com.

Ching-Ching Cheng is a very talented artist and dedicated to all kind of art - painting, drawing, sculpture. She works digitally and traditionally as well as three dimensionally. Here work is mixed media using ink, watercolor, gouache and acrylic. You can check out here work in: http://www.chingchingcheng.blogspot.com/ and http://www.chingchingcheng.com/

I would like to welcome our new friends and invite all our followers and artists to visit there blogs. Welcome and thank you all for joining our blog.

Thank you all again for visiting our blog,
Paulo Barbosa


Anonymous said...

Welcome you all. Show us what you've got ;)


JPT said...

welcome. Looking foward to seeing your masterpieces.

João said...

Welcome and welcome!